Inner Dialogue Work

" Discovering Our Inner Subpersonalities And Balancing Them"
We may think we are "one" in our personality, that always the same " I" is feeling, thinking, acting, but this is not true! A Self Introspection process reveals to us that we are constituted of different inner subpersonalities. We unconsciously identify ourselves with some and repress others. This situation creates inner conflicts, a disturbing or painful state of being compulsively stuck in the groove of habitual ways of being and interacting, some of them obviously self-sabotaging. To give voice to these " energy patterns" (inner
dialogue work) brings them to our conscious awareness. An awakening then occurs, a " stepping back" giving us, at last, a " choice maker" position of freeing, empowering, healing, and balancing them. We open up to the creative wealth of our unexplored selves for a more fluid, fulfilling life.